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“Even if there was an agreement in the morning, the workforce is not there to return as planned and a number of projects are facing a 10-month delay,” a spokesman said. If the landowner and the local authority or, if so, TII fail to reach an agreement on a transaction for the forced purchase, each party may request an independent assessment by a properly qualified arbitrator. In assessments, the management authority will only consider the services of the legal counsel if the landowner has indicated his intention to be represented by a lawyer. The payment was scraped under the mandate of Minister Leo Varadkar at the Ministry of Transport and fell by 5,000 euros per hectare under an earlier agreement in 2001. The agreement applies to land that must be acquired or acquired by force in the development of national roads and which are not subject to a building permit or an outdoor, commercial, residential, industrial or recreational area. A TII, IFA and local authorities liaison group will facilitate the effective and effective implementation of the agreement. IfA President Jer Bergin said: “The agreement is an important framework that continues to shape the initial 2001 agreement. As part of the agreement, the IFA will encourage full cooperation with TII, local authorities and their representatives in the implementation of the national road programme, in accordance with this agreement. The landowner, after receiving a written notification within the allotted time, will allow early access to the land for location surveys in order to identify and assess possible routes and will cooperate fully with local authorities for this purpose. In response to the agreement, Mr. Ring said he was pleased that the ministry had renewed its partnership with the IFA and the TII to ensure the provision of critical national infrastructure, while respecting the rights and concerns of landowners. The agreement does not affect the rights of landowners, IDTs or local authorities. The renewed agreement provides for a fixed payment of EUR 3,000 per hectare to landowners on all land and related land acquired for national road renovation work in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.

All parties will encourage their use for land acquisition under the National Highway Program until December 31, 2020. Sources close to talks between the Ministry of the Environment and the IFA say an agreement could be reached by the end of next week. In 2001, the NRA, the Ministry of environment and local authorities and the IFA agreed to improve and streamline land acquisition and compensation. The agreement provided for a goodwill payment to co-operative landowners amounting to EUR 5,000 per hectare. This is an agreed procedure for the assessment of compensation in accordance with the agreement between the Ministry of Transport, the National Roads Authority and the Irish Farmers Association. Under the conditions, a fixed payment of EUR 3,000 per hectare is paid to landowners when acquiring land if the notice is served for treatment during the contractual period. The four-month delay in negotiations has proved to be a thorn in the side of the National Roads Authority, with IFA members banning NRA/Local Authority members from entering their country until an agreement is reached. Minister of State Michael Ring announced the signing of a renewed cooperation agreement between his department, Ireland`s transport infrastructure and the Irish Farmers Association for land to be acquired or acquired by force to operate the national road network.

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