What can it be?- If I have an oral agreement, but I want to make sure that there are key terms, we put words on paper and sign them. It is about proving the probability that something has happened. In other contexts, the most important thing is to be sure of the situation at the time. If I want to send a message to my doctor, I may not care about the documentation of the message sent. But it concerns me whether or not he was received by my doctor and no one else. Again, it is a question of trust. What does it take to do it electronically? Riisnes asks. Rolf Riisnes returns to the fundamental question of what a signature apparently means. Communication is important, in other words?- Yes, users need to understand what they are signing.

And it must be possible to document in hindsight what was actually signed, what the user wanted to authorize before signing. Especially when it`s more complicated than you see with a screenshot. Electronic signatures have a lot of good features, but you should still ask yourself: does the information match what I just wrote and read on the screen? Getting a credible solution for electronic signature was not as simple as you might think. This is part of the reason why so much time has passed since American scientists unleashed themselves in digital in the 1960s and 1970s. Gradually and with different technological maturities, it became possible to transfer a handwritten signature to a digital signature. It was necessary, among other things, to reconsider the consequences of the tacit and tactile characteristics of the paper on the signatures. One of the main obstacles was the lack of tradition and experience. In accordance with UCC Section 9-105, a secure portion has “control” of electronic chat paper if the record of chat paper is created, stored and assigned in such a way as to meet each of the following six criteria: – This technology can contribute to several things. First, digital signatures can be used as identification.

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