11. Communications. All communications and other communications under this Agreement shall be made in writing and by quality mail, return requested, domesticly recognized night delivery service, such as Federal Express, or personal service upon receipt to the party to whom it is given, in any case at the address of the party indicated in this Section 11 or at any other address that the party hereinafter communicates to other Parties in accordance with this Section. Such communication or other communication shall be deemed to have been issued from the date on which the corresponding proof of delivery of that communication is received or, in the case of post, exported three days after dispatch. I uploaded a simple asset sale contract to Docracy and thought I`d share it here. I designed it for very small businesses. It is structured as a sales contract and a purchase agreement to use it easily for do-it-yourselfer (in many cases no separate sales contract is needed, no certificate of conclusion is required and it is also largely a matter of filling a void). While it`s always best to have professional help on important legal issues, most people do these things without a safety net, so it`s a good idea to provide documents that increase their chances of properly documenting their affairs. 8. Other measures. At any time and from time to time after the date of this Agreement: 1.

Seller shall perform and cause to be delivered or performed the other instruments and have them delivered to Buyer and take such other steps as Buyer may reasonably require to achieve the intent and purpose of this Agreement; and (2) Buyer shall perform and have delivered or perform such other instruments and deliver them to Seller and take such other steps as Seller may reasonably require to achieve the intent and purpose of this Agreement. 10. Assignment. No party may assign this Agreement or its rights, interests or obligations under this Agreement without the prior written consent of any other party, except that Buyer may assign all or part of its rights under this Agreement without obtaining the agreement or understanding of another party(1) to any related business present or future of Buyer; (2) to any enterprise in which the buyer may be merged or consolidated, (3) in connection with an acquisition, restructuring, merger, transformation or consolidation in which the buyer may participate, or (4) to a lender of the buyer or its related enterprises as security for current or future obligations that the buyer or its related enterprises owe to the lender. This contract of sale, this assignment and acquisition agreement, is entered into at ______ 20_, between _____,, a [STATE] [CORPORATION/LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY] and ______ [STATE] [CORPORATION/LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY] (the “seller” owned by ______ (the “Owner”). We need a sales contract and a sales contract. For more details, please reply to Bradly Campbell 2. Agreement. Seller shall not be required to obtain the consent of any party or public body in connection with the performance, delivery or performance of this Agreement or the execution of the transactions provided for in this Agreement.

7. title; Statement of assets acquired. The seller has a good marketable ownership of all the assets purchased, free and free of any rights of pledge and charges. Under this agreement, the seller entrusts the buyer with good marketable ownership of all purchased assets, free and free of all pledge rights and charges.. . . .

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