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From the outset of the investigation, ComEd cooperated fully and substantially with the US Crown and has since taken significant corrective action. ComEd`s recovery and cooperation efforts were expressly acknowledged by the government in the resolution agreement. Andrew Weisel, an analyst at Scotia Capital (USA) Inc., said his company was “gradually more positive” for Exelon after the announcement of the ComEd deal agreement. A: No one who attended Wednesday`s hearing explained how ComEd was able to plead not guilty to corruption, while claiming in his written agreement with prosecutors that he had actually participated in a decades-intensive corruption program. It seems contradictory. A: No. The agreement with the prosecutors is explicit on this point. If there is evidence that some ComEd executives or employees have attempted, at a lower level, political welders for favorable treatment, they can and will likely be charged. ==On July 17, the Illinois Northern District Attorney`s Office said it had agreed to postpone the prosecution of a corruption charge against subsidiary Der Exelon Corp. for three years and to try to dismiss that charge if ComEd complies with certain conditions. The deferred prosecution agreement requires ComEd to pay a $200 million fine, continue to cooperate with the government`s investigation, and improve its corporate compliance program.

ComEd`s confession regarding the conduct complained of is contained in a statement of facts annexed to the deferred prosecution agreement. ComEd admitted that its efforts to influence and reward the elected senior official – who is referred to as “public official A” in the statement of facts – began in or around 2019 and continued through 2019. During this time, the Illinois General Assembly reviewed bills and passed laws that had a significant impact on ComEd`s operations and profitability, including laws that influenced the regulatory process for determining the electricity prices that ComEd charges its customers. Public Official A controlled the measures that were called to vote in the Illinois House of Representatives and exerted considerable influence over other lawmakers with respect to legislation that affected ComEd. The company admitted that it had arranged jobs and contractors for political allies and Public Official A workers, even in cases where these people did little or no work for which they would have been hired by ComEd. To date, ComEd has established substantial cooperation with federal investigations. .

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