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Of course! Texas law does not require both spouses to agree in order for a divorce to be granted. The negotiated settlement agreement, while a written document has been drafted between the two spouses, still needs to be approved by the court in the form of a decree. MSA alone does not solve a marriage. The decree is a court order that identifies the parties, formulates all children under the age of 18 (or not otherwise emancipated) and the terms of the agreement (the MSA) between the two. If there`s one thing a divorce is famous for, it`s paperwork. The number of court documents, agreements, orders and filings is high. So, if you are going through a divorce process, it is important to understand what these documents are and what they mean. A common misunderstanding is the difference between a settlement agreement and a divorce decision. After being signed by a judge, the divorce decision is filed with the author of the court.

The procedural court entered into the decree retains the “full jurisdiction” (i.e. the power to amend or revise the provisions of the decree) for 30 days following the seizure of the decree. At the end of the 30 days, the decree becomes really “definitive”. Once your divorce decree is concluded by the court, it will be much more difficult to make changes to the agreement. If you receive help with a divorce while you are still in negotiations, you will be able to spend more time and money on the process in the future. The Negotiated Transaction Agreement (“MSA”) is exactly what it looks like. This is an agreement reached through the mediation process of both spouses. The agreement may cover issues of recourse to the courts, including division of property, maintenance of spouses, maintenance of children, custody and more.

Mediation is where most Texas divorces are actually resolved. An agreement reached through mediation is one of the parties she herself has met. This means that both spouses have accepted the terms of the MSA instead of an unknown third party, that is: A judge who dictates to them the terms of a decree. Another advantage of the MSA is that once it is reached, that is, the parties and their lawyers sign it, they have the right to judge it by the court. After the agreement of the MSA, the parties must take the follow-up of the inscription of this agreement in a decree.. . . .

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