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Quorum is an approved financial transaction processing network. It is sometimes discussed as the best blockchain platform for businesses. In fact, it is promoted as an enterprise-oriented version of Ethereum. It also tries to stay as close as possible to the existing Ethereum code base. Contracts only validate transactions in a pure and unconditional way, they verify functions that do not connect them to the outside world. The transaction contains all input and output states. Contracts are packaged with other items in CorrDapp (Corda Distributed Application). Other objects that can consist of CorDapp are services (Oracles and Notaries) and flows. Flows are included in the FlowLogic class and are used to process business flow scenarios. Oki BM, Liskov BH (1988) Viewstamped replication: a new primary copy method to support highly-available distributed systems.

Treaties can be accompanied by a legal prose document that can be relied upon for real-world litigation. Public blockchains are exposed to the world and anyone can read and access them. They have also proven that their security mechanisms work. When it comes to private networks, we are sure that information will only be transmitted to sensitive parties. Private networks are not fully tested, at least not as public, so some security flaws may appear in the future. Private networks tend to be faster because their consensus algorithm works in a rather friendly environment with a limited number of users…

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