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Unregistered EU foreigners and countries that have reciprocal agreements with Spain are entitled to treatment if they meet any of the above conditions. During their studies in another Member State, students are entitled to all benefits in kind of health care, for example. B health care and medicine. In order to ensure that students can benefit from these benefits, they should receive a European Health Insurance Card from the health authorities of their country of origin before leaving. Students are considered students who maintain their habitual residence in their home country and are treated as “stays” in the country of study. In those circumstances, the Commission considers that the EHIC which issued to students from its country of origin is valid and guarantees to students studying in another Member State `all benefits in kind which are necessary for medical reasons during their stay, taking into account the nature of the benefits and the expected duration of the stay`. Health cards issued before the withdrawal date remain valid and fully apply to healthcare in Spain. (5) Students may find themselves in a particularly difficult situation if they are already studying abroad. All students are encouraged to purchase comprehensive travel insurance and study the local health systems for which they may be eligible.

However, in view of the circumstances, the United Kingdom Government has agreed to respect the existing health costs for students for the duration of their studies if they are already studying in a Member State at the time of leaving the United Kingdom and on the basis of evidence from their institution. For more information on student aid, click here: If you have been resident in Spain for 5 years or more, you can apply for a permanent residence. This gives you access to public healthcare on the same basis as a Spanish citizen. Everyone living in the EU is urged to reflect on their own health needs and circumstances and to consider the measures they need to take to ensure continuity of healthcare. The government has developed detailed advice for each country, which can be found here: No, pensioners covered by the UK National Health System (NHS) continue to receive healthcare in Spain, provided that the UK guarantees pensioners the same right under the Spanish healthcare system residing in the UK or Gibraltar and Spain reimburses healthcare costs, people insured by the UK healthcare system. during their stay or stay in Spain. For more detailed information about your health and medical care rights residing in another state, click here. Patients have the right to demand a review of any administrative decision concerning cross-border healthcare in their individual case. This guide will be updated if the way you receive public healthcare in Spain changes. The United Kingdom leaves the European Union (EU) on 31 October 2019, with or without an agreement. The UK government is working hard to reach an agreement covering healthcare agreements, but it is important that people understand what will happen if the UK withdraws without a deal and what support the government has put in place for this scenario. Under current EU law, EU citizens have the right to treat each other if they are in one of the 28 MEMBER STATES OF THE EUROPEAN UNION.

However, it is important to note that the card does not cover your health expenses abroad if you are travelling for treatment for an illness or injury you had before your trip. .

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