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Similarly, the bonus paid in lieu of unpaid leave in exchange for longer working hours will be gradually restored during the unification period: Congress approved the main priorities for future trade union activities. In addition to the continued promotion of trade union merger, delegates` room for manoeuvre will be improved both through agreements and legislation. The Congress decided to take as a long-term objective the reduction of working hours. Finnish legislation does not impose a minimum wage. Minimum wages are set out in sectoral collective agreements. In addition, collective agreements are used to agree, for example, on the reasons for employment, wage increases and rules on working time, overtime, weekday holidays, evening and weekend work. In accordance with the Collective Agreements Act, the conditions set out in the collective agreement are binding on our member companies. Due to the wide coverage of contracts and the general binding rule of the Employment Contracts Act, they also engage unrelated employers in the aforementioned sectors. Collective Agreement for Senior Executives in the Technology Sector 2020-2021 The generally well-paid nature of the collective agreement may be lost. The alternative is a normally binding collective agreement that binds only the contracting parties.

Time is running out, as the planned strike would begin next week unless the negotiating parties agree on new collective agreements. Last week, the Finnish industrial union Teollisuusliitto announced a large strike from 27 January to 9 February, which would affect some 150 companies from different industrial sectors, including the forestry and chemical industry. Finally, a solution was found and the conflict was interrupted when both parties accepted, on 27 November, the third mediation proposal of the national conciliator. [3] The new collective agreement is applicable until 2021 and provides for wage increases corresponding to what is agreed in the technology and chemical industries. It is important that 700 workers return to the old collective agreement negotiated by Pau. Heidi Nieminen, president of the PAU, said she was satisfied with the solution and thanked the unions that supported the postal workers with sympathy strikes. Employers expressed satisfaction that a solution had been found, while stressing that the conflict was costly for both businesses and citizens. [4] In addition to the collective agreement with the technology industries, the metalworkers` union has concluded agreements of similar content for its other sectors: precious metals, industrial sheets and insulation, Ministry of Defence, mechanical forestry industry and technical service and maintenance. All collective agreements for the period 2020-2021 (in Finnish) Due to the obligation of peace at work, trade union actions against the conditions set out in collective agreements are prohibited during the term of the collective agreement. The national agreement guarantees minimum conditions for workers throughout the sector in Finland, including in companies that are not part of the Forest Industries group. In addition to financial conditions, the agreements provide paid parental leave, sick leave, vacation pay and more….

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