Message in a Bottle Productions is a full service corporate, wedding and event video service based in Memphis, TN.


A redesign of the company logo and website were badly needed. Working with owner Justin Croninger, we were able to put together a logo that fit his vision and a website that fit his business and the color palette Justin had his heart set on.

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One of the greatest features of this website is the dual motion scrolling photo and video backgrounds,
which doesn’t really translate in the display image.
Samples of work can be seen by clicking one of six thumbnails, each of which will open a window displaying
details for the project.
While Message in a Bottle offers a wide array of video services, the majority of the website traffic is
expected to be seeking pricing info for wedding videography.
A pricing section displays the most popular packages for most weddings, add on information for each
package can be found on each packages page.
Potential clients can reach Justin by way of email with the contact form. دانيل الفيش
To keep the website up to date with news and information, a Blog has been added with specific categories for each article, as well as social media icons for easy access. العاب رياضية

Pricing cards were designed for bridal shows and meetings with potential clients. راموس

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