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The Fight Night series started in 2013 by Ray Hansen of, also known as The Big Truck Show. Ray has been a huge advocate in the promotion of the pool & billiards industry and is responsible for bringing tournaments, challenge matches and high stakes gambling events from around the country to viewers who would otherwise not know about the event, let alone attend it. By way of online broadcasting services, Ray has built quite a following of players and spectators from not only across the United States, but all over the world.
Initially the venture began with the online streaming of tournaments he would regularly attend and as of today, Ray is not only promoting for other events in the billiard community, he is now curating his own.

Challenge matches such as The Fight Night series further support the billiard industry by giving billiard professionals an opportunity to use their talents and skills to support themselves, opening up potential sponsorship opportunities, allowing industry specific companies to advertise new and improved products to an audience that would seldom see or hear about them and lastly, encouraging new players to pick up the game and improve their own skill levels.

As the project moved forward, other events began to spring from the Fight Night series.


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